Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bubba, the Cowboy Prince

I thought I'd review a picture book today for Book Worm Wednesday!
Bubba the Cowboy Prince, a fractured Texas tale.
Written by Hene Ketteman.

I absolutely loooove this book. And so do my kids. I've always loved to read re-makes, re-writes, if you will, of fairy tales. And this is a great take on Cinderella. Only this time, the poor soul with wicked "steps" is Bubba, a ranch hand. This story comes complete is fun illustrations, wild west sayings and is particularly fun to read outloud with a western drawl. Its as fun to read as it is to listen to.

I completely agree with this excerpt from "Childrens Literature" taken from the Barnes and Noble website.

"The text is full of outrageous Texas-size sayings, such as "darker than a black bull at midnight" and "another ten dollar Stetson on a five cent head." The paintings are brightly colored and fanciful, with wonderful perplexed expressions on the rest of the cattle when the fairy godcow shows up. Great fun and a wonderful twist on the Cinderella story."

You really need to read this book!!!

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