Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Book Review: Fallen

Image result for fallen bookAt bookclub, quite a while ago, someone was offering this book up for free. I can't even remember if they had read it themselves, or if they just knew they wouldn't get to it and were offering it to the first taker. It sounded interesting; a love story involving a guardian angel and a mortal. You know, one of thosestories, that seem to be so popular these days.

The novel, Fallen, by Lauren Kate, starts out in a former place and time. It was slow and confusing to me. I had a hard time differenciating the characters and the setting. I didn't understand the relationships and their motives. Then we jump to the present day, where Luce, the female leading character, is enrolled in a boarding school of sorts for troubled kids. The background of why she has to go there is explained but lacked enough depth for me to truly understand it. 

At the boarding school we meet all sorts of characters who are eventually sorted out but it takes a while. Luce finds a best girl friend (Penn), a handsome admirer named Cam and then there's the guy. You know the one. You're attracted to him but he remains aloof, even rude at times. But you can still feel the pull from him, like he's trying to avoid you only because he wants you so bad. You get the gist. That pretty much says it all.

It takes a long time to get to the action. I honestly almost didn't get there because the character development and plot progression was so slow and shallow. There is finally action in the end, which was pretty good. The bad guy is way more interesting and fun to read about than the good guy, so when he started to be more of the story, it really picked up. Too bad for the good guy and the love story. I just wasn't sold on it.

Anyway, it was so-so. There is no language, sex or gore. There is lovesick longing and supernatural fighting. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it. 

They say its recommended for grade 8 and up but I don't like the idea of my daughters reading this type of book that makes a first love, puppy love, high school love seem sooo life consuming. Life is much more than who you love in high school. (my opinion). And the website says Disney has the movie rights and they are in pre-production. What? I don't understand that. Wait, hollywood movies....maybe I do.

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