Thursday, September 20, 2012

Book Review: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Image result for where the mountain meets the moonThe Newberry Honor book, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon," Grace Lin, is a great read.  The story focuses on Minli, an only child in a small Chinese village. In order to help make her mother happy and bring fortune to her family, she leaves on an adventure to find the Old Man on the Moon, who can answer any question. On her way she meets many friends and discovers that most answers lie in the heart.

Minli's story is facilitated by Chinese folklore. I loved reading the folk stories inside the larger story. It really felt authentic, until I read the author explain that they weren't.  It took a little of the depth and oomph out of the experience for me but the story still remained a great story. Minli is a strong little girl with a good heart. Her traveling companions are stalwart and true. Her discovery at the end of journey, although predictable, is welcome and satisfying. 

Young readers may be a little put off at first with the folklore and becoming accustomed to how the folklore relates to the overall story. But I think it is a great cultural experience and would encourage any and all to read this book. It won't take long and it will be worth your time.

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