Friday, April 12, 2013

Recently published essay - Losing Eleanor

I am so excited about my recently published essay. Read it HERE!  This is the essay I was working on in this post. It was a lot of work and such a fantastic learning experience. This essay is especially exciting for me in two ways.

First, it is published in the Segullah on-line literary journal. This holds a little more distinction than being published on a blog. I love that I have been published on other websites and I don't mean to discredit them at all,but a literary journal is different. It serves a different purpose and just carries a little more weight in my mind. Exciting, yes?

Second, the essay is about my mother-in-law, Eleanor and her fight with Alzheimer's disease. It was pretty emotional to write, based on an experience we shared. The editing was brutal and required me to dig deeper than I had when I first wrote the experience. The whole thing is close to my heart, from Eleanor, to the experience, to the final publication. 

I hope you enjoy reading the essay. And since you're on the Segullah site, browse around a bit. They really do offer wonderful literary works of art.

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