Saturday, February 14, 2015

Gospel Doctrine NT c7: Miracles

Gospel Doctrine NT c7: miracles
“Miracles” Dallin H Oaks, June 2001
“Stand Ye in Holy Places” Harold B Lee, Apr 1973 (Ensign, Oct 2008)

List some of the miracles Jesus performed:
-healed the leper –Mark 1:40-42
-man with the unclean spirit (Legion) Mark 5:1-19
-raising Jarius’ daughter –Mark 5:22-23, 35-43
-woman w with an issue of blood –Mark 5:24-34
-man with palsy Mark 2:1-12

Why did Jesus perform miracles?
1.       To show love and compassion (Leper Mark1:40-42)(bring them hither, I have compassion 3N 17:6-7)
-?-How can we show Christlike love and compassion? Matthew 9:36-38 (labourers are few)
2.       To build and confirm faith (be not afraid, only believe Mark 5:36 Jarius)

3.       To prove divinity and power (people marveled at the power Mark1:27)(man w palsy Mark2:9-10)

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