Sunday, January 21, 2018

Writing Grandma's song

When President Monson passed away, I decided to change the hymn the choir was singing for January to a song that would honor the prophet. Immediately my mind went to the song my Grandma Gabbott wrote with Michael Moody in 1994. 
"I Heard the Prophet Speak"

The words were based by the teachings of President Benson. Later, Jan Pinborough wrote new words based on the teachings of President Hinckley. It was published in the New Era in 1996 and sung at the General Young Women's meeting. (She's wrote new verses AND a new chorus)

Well, I knew I wanted to sing Grandma's song. But I also wanted to honor President Monson. So I decided to make an attempt at writing new verses and keep Grandma's chorus. 

I went for a hike up Y mountain in Provo. I hiked it twice in a row, the whole time praying for help in writing the new words. And they came. I sang them over and over, in my mind and outloud, and as soon as I got to the top the second time, I sat and typed the words into my phone. 

I was so pleased with how it all turned out. The choir sounded beautiful! I felt the Spirit and also the influence of my Grandma as I worked on this. It was a sweet experience for me to feel like I was collaborating with my grandma in a way. 

Grandma's lyrics:
1. I heard the prophet speak; come seek the Savior's light. 
Be patient, kind, and gentle, be Christ-like, do the right.

2. I heard the prophet speak; inviting us to live,
respecting one another, and willing to forgive.

3. I heard the prophet speak; His words were like a dart,
That pierced my unbelieving. I come with all my heart.

Chorus: Yes, I will follow the prophet, he speaks for the Lord today.
And I will follow him gladly. I will walk the Savior's way..

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