Sunday, January 28, 2018

Hymnbook committee Fireside


My mom, aunt Cheryl and I went to the most wonderful musical fireside in January! 

The evening was filled with speakers from the 1985 Hymnbook Executive committee. Michael Moody, who wrote Christmas songs with my Grandma (Mabel Jones Gabbott) every year for 20 years was the committee chair. So it was also a little bit of reunion for us. 

Not only did we get to listen to them speak about their experiences on that committee, we were able to sing many of the hymns with their instruction and a tabernacle organist on the organ. It really was wonderful!

One particular part that was delightful to me was hearing how they changed the lyrics to some of the older hymns so that they would fit better with the doctrine and fit the rhythm of the music as well.

The following hymns are organized thus:
Previos words:
You who unto Jesus for refuge have fled.
Because people had too much fun saying "yoo-hoo"
Changed to:
Who unto the Savior for refuge have fled.
("How Firm a Foundation" #85)

There is no tomorrow but only today.
Changed to:
Prepare for tomorrow by working today.
("Today While the Sun Shines" #229)

Only he who does something is worthy to live.
Changed to:
Only he who does something helps others to live.
("Have I Done Any Good" #223)

Tradition flees before its power.
Changed to:
Faithless tradition flees its power.
("Sweet is the Peace" #14)

Bear patiently...
Changed to:
With patience bear...
("Be Still My Soul" #124)

Switched verses 2 and 3
("For All the Saints" #82)

There were also several hymns that never gained the traction the committee had hoped for. They called these the "high Hopes" hymns:

"I Saw a Mighty Angel" #15
"All Glory, Laud and Honor" #69
"Arise, O God and Shine" #265
"Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise" #41
"Father, Cheer Our Souls Tonight" #231

I love the hymns of the church and I love being the ward choir director, immersing myself in these beautiful hymns of worship!

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