Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A Three Dog Life by [Thomas, Abigail]

"A Three Dog Life" is a beautiful memoir by Abigail Thomas. Her husband was in a horrible accident which left him with severe brain damage. His body is still there but his mind is lost. Abigail is his wife and caregiver.

This book, written in essay form is so beautiful. If you know someone with memory loss, this book will speak to you. It certainly did to me. She delves into the realities of living with someone who can't remember one moment to the next. And openly admits to the difficulties in putting your loved one in a care facility and all the complicated feelings that accompany that. Thomas writes in such an honest way, it made me feel like I was sharing a drink with her in a small restaurant and there was not a care in the world. It's reflective and beautiful and heart-rending.  

Another great thing about this book is that because it is written in essay form, it is easy to read and much or as little as you need. And it gives you time to think and reflect. It's a book I could read more than once. 

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