Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Book Review: Finding Beauty in the Best

Image result for Finding Beauty in the Beast"Finding Beauty in the Beast" is a beautiful fairy tale re-telling. Author Jessilyn Peaslee borrows characters from her first novel, Ella (and its companion book, Ella's Will) and turns the fairy tale on its head. In the best way possible. Princess Rose is a monster. Some call her a beast. Corbin escapes heartbreak at home and finds himself in Rose's kingdom and forced to present himself as a suitor. Every suitor is required to present a gift and his, though simple, is the one Rose picks. And so begins the tale of transformation, for both of them.  Certainly the best part of this book is the character development. Peaslee does a wonderful job of bringing Corbin and Rose to life and making them completely relatable. Corbin is kind yet still flawed in his interaction with difficult Rose. And Rose is difficult yet vulnerable at the same time. Their love grows at a slow simmer until it can't be denied.I also appreciated the sweet poetic word-smithing that is so fitting for a fairytale. Peaslee is a master at understanding the workings of the heart and the intricate complications of relationships. You can't help but learn something about yourself when you read one of Peaslee's book. This is a sweet fairy tale I would recommend for any age.

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